It's in 1967 that begins the Genesis of "Logan's Run" with the new edition of the two authors of Science Fiction: William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. You have the summary on right of this column. The first publication is done by Dial Press at a price of 3.95$. The book is 134 pages and the cover is made by Mercer Mayer. It is now very difficult to find and very expensive. The book was had many editions: in 1968 at Gollancz in 1969 from Dell in 1976 shortly after the release of the movie by Bantam and by Corgi, allowing him to make a great score into the sales. Then it will be republished in 1986 as a trilogy with the two other novels in Maclay & Associates, and again as a trilogy in 1992 from Dell. Etc.

First edition of the novel in 1967,
by Dial Press.
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First edition of the novel in 1967,
by Dial Press - inside page.
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In France, the novel was be published for the first time in 1969 under the title "Quand Ton Cristal Mourra" ("When Your Crystal Dies") by the editor Denoël. It will be reissued by Denoël under the same title in 1972. Then he was then be published again in 1981 still Denoël this time under the title "L'Âge de Cristal" (but bearing the subtitle "When your crystal die") following the release of the movie. The cover also contains Robox drawing. Then it was the editor "J'ai Lu" to reprint the first novel in 1991. All the French editions whatsoever Denoël or with "J'ai Lu" are made from the translation of the text of Claude Saunier. Funny thing: Denoël editions of the book have an error in the year of dominance percentage of youth in the small intro, namely a 1950 instead of 1990. The edition of "J'ai Lu" corrects this mistake.

First French edition of the novel of 1967.
In France It's was translated in 1969.
This edition was reprinted in 1972.
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Novel of 1967 reprinted in French in 1981.
(Just after the broadcast of the movie).
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Novel of 1967 reprinted in French,
by "J'ai Lu" in 1991.
(ISBN : 978-2-277-23129-5)
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The novel of 1967 was reprinted regularly until today either as an audio book, paper book, etc. and in many countries: France of course, but also Italy, Japan, Germany, etc. Below, a Spanish edition dating from January 2012 through Hidra editor :

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The first novel is a must read by all fans of Logan's Run as it poses all the basics of what you will see on the screen, with huge differences to the advantage of the book (as in most cases). Let's immediately book a million times sprayed film and TV series. Logan is very different: it is a rotten first, but it's also a great fighter. But it is especially Francis is the centerpiece of the book, and which has nothing to do but then really nothing to do with the character of the film or that of the tv series. We do not recount what is in the book, our goal is that you read it !!! Nevertheless here are the main differences of the pound against the movie:

- The City of Domes does'nt exist, the world is open and it is totally under the control of computers. The main computer that controls everything is called "The Thinker".

- The citizens must die at 21 years they must go in the Sleeshops, the ceremony of the carousel doesn't exist in the book.

- The hero is named Logan 3 and not Logan 5 like in the movie.

- The "flower" of life, this crystal in the palm of the citizens, had 3 cycles of 7 years and had just 3 colors :

Yellow : from 0 at 7 years
Blue : from 14 at 21 years
Red : at 21 years

24 hours before the death it's blinking : Red-Black, and at the last day, the crystal is black.

- The Sandman Gun have 6 specifics bullets :


And stalker of the human body which is guided by the heat of it, the terrible "Homer" that burns the nervous system.

- Francis was a double identity, "Ballard", who was not used in the movie or in the tv series.

- In the book, the Sanctuary really exist, and Logan and Jessica find it.

- The Sandman's costume is different, just a black Tunic. And they set out once their finished civil service and then again become citizens like any other

- The action takes place in 2116 in the book

after the little war in the late 60s when the youth tried its strength, the world became young in the early 2000. The youth refused to entrust his fate to the old, and a decree making it mandatory death at age 21 was passed. Then programming the Thinker, a super computer designed to save the world from hunger into a relentless controller and flawless at the right compliance. The whole world is under its electronic control, all citizens of the Earth go to deep sleep at 21 homes when their "flower" of life turned black. This small radioactive crystal implanted in the palm of the right hand of all newborns, rhythm of life of its owner by its degradation in each 7-year cycle by changing color.
A special police was created (that of Deep Sleep: DS Police) to prevent that will live beyond 21 years, to flee, to escape the system. Logan 3 is one of those terrible "Sandman": the sandman, which you definitively closes the eyes. The only allowed to have a gun. It does its job and has already made several "Homer" (the bullet who never misses its target by the heat of the human body) on Runners.
But now it's her turn, her flashing crystal, inexorably. Red-Black, Red-Black, he has only 24 hours to live. Logan then had a crazy idea: to find the Sanctuary, and with him a legend, a myth: Ballard, the man who has lived 42 years. Logan becomes in turn a false Fugitive.
False ? Not so sure, especially when he meets Jessica 6. After a wild chase across the world, to escape his comrade Sandman: the terrible Francis (the latter not being what it claims to be). Logan legend of the PS with its table top hunting eventually find the Sanctuary and Ballard. But his love for Jessica, it will become a real Fugitive by having the courage to put his life and all his convictions into question for his own happiness and that of Jessica.

The different editions of the books :

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-1968, Gollancz editor, First edition in England :

-1969, by Dell editor :

-1969, by Gollancz Editor for the Science-Fiction Book Club (reserved at their members), edited in England :

-1970, by Corgi editor, british edition :

-1976, by Bantam editor (First edition, with the reprinted editions, the cover had little changes, The tunic of Logan was not cut, and Jessica had a dress in better condition and the color change) :

-1976, by Corgi editor, British edition, only one edition (very difficult to find it) :

- In 2000, by Virtual Publishing editor, limited Millennium edition :

- Edition of 1985 in audio book by Phoenix Books, timer : 2H23mn, narrated par William F. Nolan himself, edited again in 2009 in MP3 file :

- Edition of March 2010, by Penguin Active Reading editor, content the first book + one CD-Rom (compatible PC and Macintosh, with the book in totaly narrated in audio file, somes PDF files with informations, and somes questions with games, etc.) :

- Edition of 1978 by Aeonian Press editor, limited print at 300 copies, with hard cover.

The other editions :

- Edition of november 1976 by Mondadori editor, Spanish edition.

- New edition of "Logan's Run", USA, by Vintage Movie Classics, July 2015.