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- The original Gun was created in 1975 for the movie "Logan's Run" who was released in 1976. It's a functional prop (see the part "The Original Gun" on this left for more informations) and was created under the direction of Fred Kramer.

- 16 exemplaries was made for the movie, for a total cost of 24000$ (1500$ by each pistol). Today, this realize a cost of 80000$ at now. This is the sames pistols was be used two years later in the tv series of Logan's Run.

- The original gun used these materials for his creation : aluminum (flash supressor barrel tube, flash supressor front cap), brass (gas chamber tank, gas feed, etc.), Bondo (for the grip) and phenolic (Gun Fin).

- The gun made a real flame and the noise that it's made it's not a trick, this is made this sound. It was just slightly amplified in the movie. The gun's system is based on a chemical system which approximates the carbide lamp of speleologists.

- Functional replicas of the Flamegun made by different propmakers (Palmetto EFX Group for example) in USA use the original system but have improved the design of the valve that was problematic.

- Very popular prop in USA, the functional Flamegun still has a strong popularity ratings at now, even if "Logan's Run" start to fall into oblivion. Just Palmetto EFX Group still made a functional replica of the Logan's Gun until end of 2014 with a high prize. But it was the ultimate replica.

- Below, some blueprint of the functional Flamegun that you can find on the net. One is signed by Bill Blake and realized visibly in 1976, updated in 1991. The 2 others have no know author. Click on the pictures for to have a big size.

Bill Blake's Blueprint
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Web's Blueprint. Unknow origin.
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Web's Blueprint. Unknow origin.
(Click on the picture for a big size)