Logan 3 become Logan 5 for the first time on the screen with the actor Michael York. This is the first major role for this English actor at the cinema. In France, we saw in the first, the tv series which is derived from the movie, and for that we can have a preference for Gregory Harrison : Michael York does not demerit and embodies a fairly credible and very great Logan. His gestures and attitudes are perfectly dosed and thus embodies a Sandman. This English actor was born in March 27, 1942 in Fulmer (England) is known in our country through his movies : "The 3 Musketeers", "The Island of Dr. Moreau" (the 1977's movie with Burt Lancaster)... We can saw him in "Austin Powers in Goldmember". For television it is in "The Long Shadow", he also made appearances as in "Law and Order : Criminal Intent" for example. Michael York came several times in France and speaks French very well. You can visit his website :


Jessica 6 is play at the screen for the first time by the very beautiful Jenny Agutter. She was a little more popular that Michael York in period of "Logan's Run", but again, this is for Jenny her first big role. She is best known for "An American Werewolf in London" (nurse Alex Price), "The Man in the Iron Mask" (not the remake with Leonardo Di Caprio) or "Darkman". As one could see her in the TV series "Red Warf." She had a beautiful career after "Logan's Run" which continues today, recently she was in "The Avengers Assemble" and "Captain America : The Winter Soldier" of MARVEL (she played a council member). You can visit his website :


It's in 1976 that was released in USA, "Logan's Run" the adaptation on the big screen of the novel with same name who was edited in 1967. Long before it, attempts to start work on a feature film had failed : for proof just look at the cover of the edition of the novel by Dell in 1969 and already announced on this one, coming close to a movie. In reality, most often between the money problems will indeed wait nine years before the movie was born (even though it was nearly directed by Irwin Allen a best known for his series "The Time Tunnel"). This is the MGM that sticks to it, and it will be a film therefore budget estimated at nearly $9 million for the period. It's the producer Saul David, he met William F. Nolan to write the frame of the scenario and from the start, the two men think to made a trilogy. This is also in this light that went out the second novel "Logan's World" but the fate will decide otherwise, we'll talk of that further.
Michael Anderson is the director. He is known for "Around the World in 80 Days" or even "Orca", he's English, hence the presence of English players for the two main roles in an American film. His son plays "Doc" in the movie of "Logan's Run".

In the book, the whole world is under the control of computers whose main governing everything is called "The Thinker" and there are only youth whose age limit is before death 21 years old. Those who try to escape the Deep Sleep to 21 years, dealing with terrible Sandmen, creates a special police to track and terminate the "Runners". For this, the Sandman has a sophisticated gun that allows him to pull the "homer", the bullet that never misses its target and burn the nervous system of the victim. Logan 3, the hero, is one of those Sandmen and love for Jessica 6 it will become a runner to find Ballard and thereby find Sanctuary.
The film may unfortunately faithfully take all book elements:
- The first reason is the chosen actor, Michael York. He's 34 years old during filming of "Logan's Run" and can not claim to have 20. So we pass the limit of life of citizens age 21 years to 30 years.
- Therefore, it also changes the color code of the lifeclock, to add one and change the color of another (Green in the film instead of blue in the novel).

- The weapon of Sandman, a 6 shots with specific times in the novel, becomes a weapon of mass destruction in the movie with the beautiful Flamegun spewing its green flame at the killing of a runner, but with only one function to kill.
- The Sandman's costume also is a bit different from the book : a simple black tunic in the novel, black with a gray stripe on the chest and neck gray in the movie. The tracker also is not the same.
- But the biggest change comes from the closed world. To keep the movie's budget. Completely open in the book, in the movie all citizens find themselves under the Domes in a closed city and cut from the outside world. The City of Domes is called "The City" in the movie, it is only in the TV series, it bears the name of City of Domes.
- Nevertheless, a lot of tags coming from the novel will be placed in the movie, as some places : Arcade, Cathedrale ... but also characters : Francis, Cubs, Holly 13, Doc, Box...
- Some items too : lifeclock, mazecar, the network linking places them (smaller in the movie), the computer, etc.

Then because of the adaptation on the screen, the character Logan is smoothed compared to the novel, Francis meanwhile is completely denatured. Other changes may also understandable : less sex scenes, but also the time (in 2116 in the book, in 2274 in the movie) as well as the instigator of the mission of Logan. The biggest addition in the movie is also the fact of the Carrousel ceremony in which citizens present themselves to die in explosions. In the novel, they go to sleep peacefully homes where they die by gas injection. The plot of the story, the course is also changed. Ultimately this gives us a pretty successful movie: the only downside is Box that is missed and immediately dated the film in the 70s, shame ! It nevertheless stands out from other sci-fi films of this era. He was awarded for the quality of its visual effects by receiving an Oscar for example through the use for the first time laser technology to create holographic images of Logan at the end of the movie. Richard Jordan offers exceptional performance in Francis, it's just unfortunate that are double-side was crushed into a Sandman like the others, and more importantly, the best friend of Logan. The movie was a huge success in the world and was published on virtually any existing video media or have existed. He reported $25 million. This is Jerry Goldsmith the composer of music (for example the author of the new generic and music of the first movie "Star Trek").
In France the movie will be shown for the first time in December 1976 at the cinema. On the screens, it will be in 1981 on the french channel "FR3" (long after the TV series ! While normally this should have been the reverse). The latter rebroadcast in 1988. Then with the arrival of satellite there will be regular reruns, as on the french channel "13e Rue" in 1999 for example, and there are still a few months on other channels...