William F. Nolan

William F. Nolan, he's different, more than the scenarios, these are books that he wrote. Nolan was born March 6, 1928 in missouri USA. It was first racing driver before becoming a writer (he also came in France to attend the Monaco Grand Prix in 1960). Specializing in horror and science fiction, it is almost 100 books at his credit, including the novels of "Logan's Run", those of "The Black Mask" and "Sam Space", "The Challis", "The Kincaid", etc.
Famous after the success of the movie "Logan's Run" in 1976, his name will forever be stuck than Logan. For it must be admitted, if the first novel of "Logan's Run" was a critical success, it was by no means a commercial success immediatly. It was only after the success of the movie, that the sale of the novel took off. Two sequels was created by Nolan was also be huge success too. It is a pity to see that the novel regarded as the most successful "Logan's Search" was not translated in France.
Personally, it would interest me to know, this is the first novel of "Logan's Run", what is the part of creation of the two authors. Which of Johnson or Nolan contributed the most to Logan to do what the novel is in the end. In any case both men are still friends, and meet regularly for events (conventions, etc.). If only one day together, they could rewrite an adventure of Logan, it would have been great. Unfortunately, with the death of Mr. Johnson, this is now impossible.
So bad.

George Clayton Johnson (1929 - 2015)

In 1967 was edited "Logan's Run" the book of William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, with the success that we know him some years later (thanks in part to the movie). If one attaches gladly Nolan name of "Logan's Run", oddly, Johnson is not. Sure, he has co-written the first novel, and Nolan wrote the following books. Maybe because at the sight of Johnson multiple activities, it is difficult to attach it to a particular project.
George Clayton Johnson was born July 10, 1929 in Wyoming in the USA. Specializing in horror and science fiction, he joined in the 60's the "Circle of Southern California science fiction." This club consists of Theodore Sturgeon, William F. Nolan, Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury. It is here that he meets Rod Serling. Johnson is a fairly prolific writer. Thus, he wrote numerous screenplays for "Twilight Zone", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", but above all : the first episode of Star Trek Original series have been broadcasted on television : "Man Trap". You can also put "Kung Fu", "Twilight Zone" of 80's, "Twilight Zone" of the 90's and more recently 3 films "Ocean" with George Clooney because in fact the movies are remakes of 60's movie for which Johnson wrote the story. Although in this, his biggest success still remains "Logan's Run". There is little time, Johnson announced "Jessira's Run" would have been the escape of Logan view towards Jessica. Unfortunately, so far no news about this project, which was released in September 2013. In addition, Mr. Johnson just died in this beginning of year 2016, it is unlikely that this project will succeed one day. Very very bad and sadness for the death of Mr. Johnson.

William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson